The 2015 Taste of El Paso is just two weeks away, and it is the event of the year for every foodie. Yesterday, my wife and I had the opportunity to sample some of the delicious offerings that Garufa Argentine Restaurant will be serving for the ultimate culinary experience. Make your plans now for The Taste of El Paso, Thursday, November 12th from 6pm to 9:30pm at the El Paso Convention Center.

Garufa has been opened in El Paso for six years and what sets them apart from other steakhouses is their charcoal mesquite grill, elegant dining area, and strong commitment to customer service. The music played inside the restaurant perfectly matches the atmosphere, and they do offer live performances on the weekends. It is hard to believe that Argentinian restaurants serve even bigger portions of food than in the United States, but they do and Garufa replicates that experience with their entrees. They are known for their steaks and signature empanadas, but their lunch specials are the best bargains in town. Specifically, Garufa offers a $10 tenderloin sandwich, that is served with a salad and choice of side. The meat melts in your mouth like butter and is cooked to every customer's preference. We were also joined by the El Paso Veg Snob, who ordered a portobello sandwich that looked just as appetizing as my meal. The food was so terrific that I was amazed that they did not have a wait when we arrived for lunch yesterday.

Garufa will be serving their classic ribeye steak at the Taste of El Paso. Here are some pictures to get your appetite ready for November 12th.

Garufa serves each table fresh baked bread with three kinds of dipping sauces.
Garufa's signature Humita, Carne, and Espinacas empanadas.
The tenderloin sandwich, one of the featured attractions on the lunch menu at Garufa Argentinian Restaurant.
A 14-ounce ribeye steak served with mushrooms and a Demi-Glace reduction.

Garufa Argentine Restaurant

5411 N. Mesa, Suite 26A

(915) 833-6100

Monday to Thursday
11:00 am - 10:00 pm

11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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