Taste of El Paso

The Taste of El Paso was Phenomenal
Without question, the Taste of El Paso is my favorite event of the year!  Every November, I take my daughter Jocelyn and upon arrival I'm usually so happy that I do somersaults.  If you've ever seen a heavy set man do somersaults, it's quite a site...
Taste of El Paso Preview -- Pelican's Steak and Seafood
The 2015 Taste of El Paso is just three days away, and many people are counting down the hours and minutes before they experience one of the best events of the year. Recently, my wife and I continued our tour through some of the best participating restaurants at this year's Taste, and we had th…
The Iceman Dominates His Competition at the Taste of El Paso.
A few days ago I was told that one of our listeners was going to win tickets to the Taste of El Paso and attempt to eat more than the Iceman.  The winner of the Iceman Challenge was Daniel Esquivel, aka "popcorn" on Twitter.  Daniel gave it his best shot to out eat the Iceman, but in the e…
The Taste Of El Paso Was Phenomenal!
Anyone who knows the Iceman can tell you that I can eat!  In fact, my Uncle Bernie used to tell me that he would rather clothe me than feed me.  When I was given the opportunity to attend the Taste of El Paso, I almost did somersaults.

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