Recently, I went on a trip to Dallas for two of my dearest friends wedding to each other (congrats to the Porco's) and decided that I had to give this new McDonald's concept I had heard about a try. This new concept apparently focuses on almost no human contact but is being reported by some as fully automated without any human employees, which is very far from the truth.

Some people seem to be under the impression that robots are in the kitchen cooking up your burger and serving up ice cream like something out of a science fiction novel. The employees are making your food in the kitchen and take drive-thru orders while making mobile orders. There are kiosks within the building where you can go to and scan your mobile app or login using the code on your phone to access coupons.

One issue is if you are paying cash, it was very much user error and we could not seem to figure out how to make it take our cash so we just paid with a card. Easy. There are conveniently two bathrooms within the building perfect for food delivery driver's, regular customers, and employees to use. The need to not have to talk to anyone to order and just simply waiting on your food inside the small McDonald's of the future in silence was great.

There is a video from an Australian news outlet that states there is seating and robots inside the Texas Macca's (Aussie slang for McDonald's). I don't think that I missed those details in that very small space as there was no sitting area located within the building for dine-in customers.

The only 'robot' is located outside at the order ahead box. It's almost like going to the bank and using those tubes to get your money but instead it's food and on sort of a conveyor belt and held by an electronic grabber. The gimmick does seem to be that order ahead robot conveyor box which was very neat but seemed no different than a person handing you your food.

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I personally did not think it was worth the hype but the employees were nice and that's my personal opinion. Would any of you try this new almost fully automated McDonald's concept and should it come to Lubbock? Let us know in the comments.

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