If road tripping through Texas is on your bucket list this coming Spring Break, then you'll  want to add this General Store to your list among the beaches, lakes and adventures Texas has to offer.

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Nestled in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards is one of the most historic general stores still standing called The General Store and Trading Post. If you've watched old Western movies, or played "Red Dead Redemption", then you know what a general store is- simply put, it's a general store where you can find all the things you need- and at the General Store and Trading Post, you'll definitely find all the Texas swag you need.

As times have progressed, the need for general stores has dwindled, but they sure do make a great stop for souvenirs! According to their website:

Since 1983, The General Store in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards has become the destination for fine western gifts and Texas souvenirs. Locals and visitors from all over the world come to experience the cowboy way and our famous western hospitality.

Located at 101 West Exchange Avenue in Fort Worth, The General Store and Trading Post has definitely become a must-stop destination for those traveling through the Lone Star state looking to get the full Texas experience.

Road tripping through Texas definitely has its perks, and it's must stops like the iconic Buc-ee's and the mysterious Marfa lights, so next time you find yourself on the roads of Texas, give the General Store and Trading Post a visit and see what treasures you'll find!

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