There is a special hike in Texas that has quite the scary reward. If you've been into horror flicks and spooky adventures then there is a spot you will want to hit up.

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There are some local explorers who love to check out new places with some surprising outcomes. For example, adrenaline junkies who hit the road to visit Austin often would love Jacob's Well.

For those who love horror movie classics, you have the opportunity to stay in the house Leatherfaace once killed at. Now isn't just funny how so many people in El Paso enjoy that kind of thrill in life?

A lot of hikers in El Paso enjoy hiking at places that have a cave you can scope out due to our annoying curiosities. If you follow the Facebook groups for hiking in El Paso then you would know places with caves are quite popular.

Before watching a horror flick such as The Descent I know my curiosity would tempt me to explore a hidden cave. After watching that movie it scared me from exploring any caves I may come across in the future.

If you're always down to hunt for a hidden gem then you may want to plan on visiting McKittrick Canyon Trail. There is a hike at McKittrick Canyon Trail that leads you to a hidden cave that almost every hiker is down to see.

Ultralight Outdoors take you on the McKittrick Canyon Trail hike which shows you the hidden cave people are talking about. Even minutes into the video the hiking duo will show you the hidden cave you come across during the hike.

So if you're down to hike somewhere different but keep it in Texas you can get more details by clicking here.

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