No one appreciates a beautiful, curvy, road like a biker.

There are beautiful places to ride all over Texas and most of the state has weather conditions that allow for year round riding which is another thing I love about Texas.

I found a video of the best places to ride in Texas and, while I don't necessarily disagree with their choices, I do think they overlooked some really good ones near us. I can think of several just between here and Big Bend State Park.

Before we get to the video, here are a few in our 'hood:

You can crisscross the mountain here in El Paso 3 times in one ride and each time, the ride/view is gorgeous. Plus, there are LOTS of places to stop for a bite or a brew along the way.

Watch a couple of videos here.

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If you want to leave El Chuco, head for Fort Davis. Take I-10 east to Van Horn. From Van Horn, take US-90 east. Near Valentine, take 505 to 166, then go left on Highway 17 to the Fort.

Once you're in the Fort Davis area, you'll find a number of amazing roads to nearby places like Marfa, Alpine and Big Bend National Park. Beautiful, beautiful country.

You can also follow this route for a really cool ride through that same area. Watch the video now to see what other Texas roads made the cut.

Technically, the following places are not in Texas but, since we're barely in Texas ... and consistently overlooked by the rest of Texas ... I'll include these awesome rides.

Just click on the links for details and think of them as "honorary" Texas locations.

"Texas North", if you will ...

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