With shorter days and less time to run errands the only option for dinner is to head to your abuelitas house for those classic Mexican-American winter foods. Abuela always has everything you could ever want plus a surplus of food, could be because all abuelas make more than enough just in case of la visita stops by.

As someone who was raised in a Mexican-American household every day was eating at abuelas, which is how I gained the superpower of flipping a tortilla over open fire with my barehand. There seem to certain dishes within the Mexican-American culture that everyone seems to have a memory of such as arroz con leche, which is like rice soaked in milk and cinnamon.

There are some things that people don't like, for example not everyone likes menudo but if your abuela made it then you better eat because you will break her heart. Now I am not sure if it's all the amor (love) that gets poured into the food but something about food made by an abuela from any culture just has so much meaning. It could be that its the love but also the traditions that we are tasting that have been passed down through the years.

We are eating foods that have been passed down from mother to daughter to enrich our bodies but in turn have enriched our souls at the same time. Did your favorite food your abuela make the list of top 10 foods below? Let us know if we missed any winter foods that should have made the list in the comments.

Top 10 Mexican-American Foods to Try This Winter

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