Anyone who knows the Iceman can tell you that I can eat!  In fact, my Uncle Bernie used to tell me that he would rather clothe me than feed me.  When I was given the opportunity to attend the Taste of El Paso, I almost did somersaults.

When I entered the El Paso Convention Center, my jaw dropped and my eyes lit up.  It was the most beautiful sight that anyone could ever ask for, a huge room full of nothing but delicious food, wine, and beer from a variety of restaurants in El Paso.

I started at Mesa Street Grill, and once the succulent sample of fillet steak accompanied by Yukon gold mashed potatoes was gone, I decided that it was my goal to sample every restaurant that was represented at the taste of El Paso.

My work was not going to be easy, after all there were 15 places to sample, plus desserts.  If there was anyone who could accomplish this daunting task, it was the Iceman.  My philosophy was simple, grab 2 or 3 samples at a time, go back to my table and eat, and then it was time for rounds 2, 3, and so on.

After a couple of hours I was able to sample all of the different restaurants that were at the Taste of El Paso, and save room for a couple of desserts.  I almost wasen't able to go to every place, but in the end, my determination overcame the fact that I could hardly move because I was so full.

A few of my favorite spots were Mesa Street Grill, Everyday Gyro, Crave, and Ardovinio's.  Working for the radio station has many perks, but going to the Taste of El Paso was by far the best one of them all.

The Taste of El Paso is a unique experience that no El Pasoan should miss, the borderland has some pretty good food.  I know one thing, I will be attending this wonderful event on a yearly basis from now on.  If you didn't get a chance to go this year, don't miss out next year.  Trust me, I know good food!

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