Mack Breed, the assistant football coach at John Jay High School accused of ordering his players to retaliate against on-field official Michael Watts, has resigned. Breed's attorney, James Reeves released a statement to ESPN earlier today and said that his client should not be the only one condemned for the hit on the official.

"Some people are unfairly blaming one man, Mack Breed, for everything that happened at that game," Reeves said. "Mack Breed has spent three agonizing weeks contemplating his future since the fateful football game in which two players struck a referee. It has been a difficult road for Mack as he has stood silently watching the spectacle. He has replayed that game in his mind many times wondering how it all went wrong."

Meanwhile, senior Michael Moreno and sophomore Victor Rojas were both sentenced to 75 days in an alternative school, and are scheduled to return to John Jay on Jan. 15, 2016. Reeves also mentioned in his statement to ESPN that Moreno and Rojas deserve more of the blame than they have been receiving.

"During his media tour, Michael Moreno resorted to the historical defense of 'I was just following orders.' However, we are all responsible for our own actions, and his defense will fail in this situation as it has failed in the past," Reeves said in the statement. "Moreno paints himself as a saint on television while withholding the truth that shows how out of control he was in that game. Moreno fails to mention that he was not ejected after striking the referee. He stood by while an innocent black player, Trenton Hobdy, was wrongfully ejected for Moreno's hit on the referee. Moreno followed the hit on Watts by committing another flagrant foul on the very next play. The Marble Falls High School quarterback kneeled in a victory formation, the whistle was blown, and then Moreno hit the kneeling quarterback. His behavior is exactly what one would expect from a rogue player blaming a coach for the player's actions."