The El Paso Independent School District will continue to distribute free meals to families with children ages 1 to 18. Earlier this week, EPISD consolidated some of their distributions sites down to 21 as a result of low participation and end of summer school programs.

Children will still be able receive breakfasts and lunches on Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Friday's distribution will include meals for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Curbside meal distribution will be provided through July 23

The meals will be distributed at the following schools:

  • Coldwell Elementary
  • Crosby Elementary
  • Green Elementary
  • Guerrero Elementary
  • Hillside Elementary
  • Herrera Elementary
  • Milam Elementary
  • Sunrise Mountain Elementary
  • Tom Lea Elementary
  • Armendariz Middle
  • Brown Middle
  • Canyon Hills Middle
  • Charles Middle
  • Henderson Middle
  • Richardson Middle
  • Austin High
  • Bowie High
  • Burges High
  • Chapin High
  • El Paso High
  • Franklin High
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If you think that it isn't worth it or safe to go and pick up these meals, think again. Pick up procedures are in compliance with social distancing rules, you make no contact with the distributor and everything is sealed and ready to go. It's also a huge bonus that these meals have nutritional and generous servings. They also give a snack and fresh fruits and vegetables.

The weekly curbside menu is advertised on the EPISD Food & Nutrition Services website and social media channels, as well as in a weekly text messages and emails sent to parents.

How do I know this? Because I have two nephews who benefit from this program. At the beginning, we didn't really think it was worth it to get the meals and we figured it was better to save the meals for someone who really needed them. But then we found out that if families don't take advantage of this program it could be removed, making it harder for children who are food insecure to get these free meals. So take advantage of this great program and find out where your nearest distribution site is by clicking here.

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