If you've ever gone to a homecoming dance in an El Paso high school you know that the mums that girls get given by their dates can get pretty out of hand. What used to literally be a single mum with some ribbons and maybe the initial of the high school in the middle of the mum made out of a pipe cleaner has turned into a really crazy display of multiple mums, stuffed animals, bells, whistles, and even battery operated lights.

I drive past Burges High School almost every day on my way home and homecoming week is wild. There are some girls who have harnesses, yes, harnesses to hold up the elaborate mums they are wearing. A friend who isn't from around here said the first time her daughter was given a mum that had to be tied on to her over her homecoming gown she thought her daughter's date was joking. She couldn't believe that girls would wear, what my friend thought, something that would be more suited to what a horse who won the Kentucky Derby would wear.

The El Paso Independent School District took to TikTok to show off some of the homecoming mums that their students were given and wore. It's a lot of fun to see the mums but man, I don't think I would want to wander around school all day wearing one of these.


Mum game is strong at EPISD! 🎉 ##IamEPISD ##fyp ##foryourpage ##elpaso ##homecoming ##episd

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Happy Homecoming!

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