One of the reasons some people miss high school is because of the fun they had at rivalry games. I sure as hell enjoyed every bit of rivalry game when Coronado High School played Franklin High School.

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Now I should have gone to Franklin but decided to reunite with my past elementary best friend at Coronado. But, sadly at rival games, instead of seeing me on Coronado's side I was with my middle school friends on the Franklin side.

But you got to admit the banners your high school would make for rivalry games were awesome. But since my times from 2003 until now have changed drastically from technology and more.

But Franklin High School's banner from last year that was made for the Westside Bowl was funny. Lennie Brooks took a picture of the rivalry banner made for the T-Birds last year.

via Lennie Brooks Facebook
via Lennie Brooks Facebook

As you will see from the photo times really have changed since now they're adding on to rivalry signs. Coronado should feel honored that Franklin would compare them to a basketball legend, such as Michael Jordan.

Many years ago when I was in high school Coronado students who made banners always used paint and never cut out pictures. But since times are changing and advancing, it just means that things are improving.

Coronado and Franklin High School's rivalry got so bad, that our games had to be played at Sun Bowl Stadium. When we would play at Coronado High School's football stadium there would be some kind of damage done.

Another couple of schools I have heard had bad rivalries are El Paso High and Austin High School. Plus, there is some sort of trophy claw that those two battle at stealing and keeping.

But we all know that without rivalry it wouldn't be as fun or as challenging to be the champions. There are other schools I am not aware of how wild those rivalries can get.

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