Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlin Kobe Bryant... these names are LEGENDARY in the NBA. One name to include in talks of legends, is Earvin "Magic" Johnson.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson
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We all know Magic's amazing career: he's a 5 time NBA champion, 3 time MVP, All-Star player& 2 time Basketball Hall of Famer. We also know about his battle with AIDS/HIV & his advocacy against the diseases. And that's not even counting of the countless highlights he's had with the Los Angeles Lakers.

What you probably DIDN'T know, is that Magic himself was in El Paso this past Wednesday. He came to Andress High School to speak to the shock of EVERYONE there. Over 300 student athletes from multiple El Paso ISD schools got to see Magic Johnson in person. He gave a a great speech where he encouraged every student to do their best in both their athletics AND academics.

He took many photos with students & fans; you can see a lot of those photos of the EPISD website.

He even posted THIS on his Instagram account about his visit to El Paso; where he thanked everyone who showed up. The crowd even gave him a standing ovation.

The post was later shared on FitFam & the comments there were overwhelming positive, praising Magic's appearance in El Paso.

Just prior to his visit to El Paso (presumably for the very first time) he attended an IFEBP event in Las Vegas on Monday. He also made NO announcements on his visit to El Paso so this was a pleasant surprise.

Thank you for visiting Magic! We appreciate you taking time to talk to some of El Paso's finest athletes & hopefully you'll come visit us again!

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