El Paso's downtown skyline has changed thanks to the new WestStar Tower (and its lit-up faux-hawk), making it the tallest building in the city now.  

I live in downtown El Paso in the West end of the Sunset Heights District, and over the last year, I have been watching construction crews alter El Paso's downtown skyline.

Marcos Rey

The view from my back porch:

El Paso WestStar Tower

Steeped in history, El Paso features beautiful desert landscapes, glorious sunsets, and majestic mountains, including a fascinating past. Established in 1850, El Paso has been the backdrop to many historical events such as the Wild West and Mexican Revolution.

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The oldest street in the city aptly named, El Paso street, has also been walked upon by legendary figures such as Wyatt Earp, Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid, President William Howard Taft, and Pancho Villa, and was the scene of the infamous Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight in 1881. 

Marcos Rey

With its rich history, downtown El Paso hasn’t changed much over the years. Six out of the ten most prominent buildings in downtown El Paso built between 1911 (The Anson Building) and the One Texas Tower (1921) still stand.

Marcos Rey

Older buildings that have stood the test of time and most recently restored include the Plaza Hotel (1930) and Aloft Hotel (1930), previously known as the O. T. Bassett Tower, which happens to be one of the last buildings designed by famed architect Henry Trost.

Marcos Rey

The new WestStar Tower features a modern glass façade and stands out amongst some of the oldest buildings in downtown El Paso thanks to its signature corona or what I'm referring to as a lit-up faux-hawk. 

El Paso West Star Tower at Night

Almost 50 years after building the tallest building (Wells Fargo Plaza), the new honor goes to the WestStar Tower, morphing El Paso's downtown skyline. 

Soaring 20 stories over downtown, the new WestStar Tower surpasses the Wells Fargo Plaza as the tallest building in El Paso, with 313 ft (95 m).

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The WestStar Tower now joins the historic skyscrapers and high-rises that have stood stoic over the years, solidifying its place in El Paso's downtown silhouette. 

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