UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio was mad, chaotic night of fighting.  Some of the fights needed to be watched again this morning to see the subtlety, others to relive the quickness and brutality.  Randy McCarty, local MMA fighter with the Red Spider team gave me some of his thoughts on the fights Saturday night.

On CM Punk vs Mickey Gall:

"CM Punk vs Gall reminded me of Randy Couture's win over James Toney...where a man famous and successful in a different arena comes into mma and is ill-prepared to compete."

For those who don't know.  One time boxing great, James Toney, took a step inside the octagon against Randy Couture some years ago.  It was billed as an "MMA vs Boxing" match-up, ostensibly to quell the constant discussions of fight fans over which sport was 'more legit'.  While neither of the fighters were in their prime, former Olympic Wrestler turned MMA champion Randy Couture shot for a low-single take down and had Toney tapping almost instantaneously.  CM Punk vs Mickey Gall was a reaffirmation of what long-time fight fans have always known.  Referees in MMA appear when the fight is over, they are their to save your life.  There are no hobbyist fighters.

On Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne:

"Werdum vs Brown was crazy, you can't stop in the middle of the fight for a injury then get to start the fight over again. However, Brown seems to not fight like he did when he was training at Jacksons camp. And I think Werdum should be fined for kicking the corner man after the fight."

I think Randy is correct.  Shortly after Travis Browne began dating superstar Ronda Rousey, he left Albuquerque's Jackson/Wink training camp (arguably the most successful MMA camp in the world) and went to train with Rousey's coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, and has since quickly become a one dimensional, plodding fighter.  This new Travis Browne is much different from the Jackson/Wink fighter who used his significant natural gifts (height and reach) for an devastating, unorthodox style.

On Stipe Miocic vs Alistair Overeem:

"Miocic vs Overeem was an exciting back and forth battle. Overeem should have not gone for the choke went he hurt him early. They both hit hard, Miocic did what he does best and finished the fight, like my coach predicted."

If ever one needs a reminder why few Heavyweight Champions have defended their belt multiple times, you only need to watch one heavyweight fight to see the reasons.  The dynamic of the fight changed often and drastically in the few minutes the fight existed.

Randy McCarty is tentatively scheduled to fight again in October.  Stay tuned for the details.

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