The line between truth and fiction is constantly blurred in the world of professional wrestling.  Real life situations are often worked into the kayfabe storylines, but the audience usually has a good idea when they are being duped.  Superstar CM Punk blurred that line brilliantly on Monday's edition of WWE Raw. Punk's episode started off routinely enough.  Punk interfered with John Cena's table match with R Truth, allowing Truth to pick up an improbable victory.  What happened next is a 'shoot' that created a buzz in the wrestling world that hadn't been seen in a long time.

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon suspended Punk at the conclusion of Monday's Raw.  Most wresting bloggers and fans are convinced the 'shoot' and subsequent suspension are part of the story line heading into this months 'Money in the Bank' PPV.  It should be noted that CM Punk's contract with the WWE expires on July 17th.  Punk has hinted for months that he will not renew his contract because he is tired of the grind.

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