Here's some news that has shaken the world of professional wrestling. There are reports going around that WWE superstar CM Punk has quit the WWE and has gone home.

CM Punk is one of the most popular wrestlers that the WWE has on its roster and if these reports are true, then the WWE is losing him 2 months before Wrestlemania.

The news comes after an Punk's absence from Raw this past Monday and it seems this is not a  storyline from Punk and the WWE. Per  this appears to be a decision from Punk, after he reportedly told Vince McMahon he was "going home."

Here's a quote from the report:

"Word has come out that CM Punk has left WWE, according to several sources.

CM Punk reportedly told Vince McMahon personally at Monday’s Raw that he was going home, and then got on a plane for Chicago. has since removed Punk from all upcoming live events and house shows over the next few weeks including Monday Night Raw." also goes on to report that the plans for Triple H vs. CM Punk look to be shelved:

"Punk was scheduled to face Triple H at WrestleMania 30, but as seen on Monday’s Raw, early signs may have been shown that Triple H will be facing Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania instead."

So if Punk is gone from the WWE, fans are gonna miss out on probably one of the best wrestlers in pro wrestling.

More info coming as it becomes available.


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