2011 was a big year for 600 ESPN El Paso, with the launch of our all-sports format, the visit from Mike Golic, the 2011 El Paso Sports and Health Expo featuring Cowboys legend Jay Novacek and more!

Before we end the year and begin 2012, we thought we'd take a look back at some of the things you liked here at KROD.com this year. Enjoy!

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    Canucks Fan Flashes Ben Eager

    Hockey is an interesting sport. It's made even more interesting when you look at the fans of hockey and some of the crazy things they can do. This woman is simply showing her appreciation for Mr. Eager's game, why can't we understand that?

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    The Evolution of Brian Wilson's Beard

    Sports is filled with a lot of very strange characters doing a lot of very strange things. A great example of an odd individual is Brian Wilson, the closer the San Francisco. He starts off like a happy-go-lucky pitcher, and ends looking like he's about to deliver his manifesto from a shack in Montana.

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    The Jerry Sandusky Story Hits Big

    The Jerry Sandusky story has been one of the biggest stories to hit this year. The firings, the reports, the anger. Andy Lee looks at the story and traces it back to at least 1994!

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    Andy Lee Looks at the Underrated Mark Turgeon

    When Billy Gillespie left El Paso to take over the A&M basketball program, and then really turned them around and made them a solid team, we weren't surprised that he'd get the call to go to Lexington. What did surprise us was the guy who came into A&M after him would do so amazingly well! Andy Lee takes a look at Mark Turgeon.

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    Steve Kaplowitz Interviews Jordan Palmer

    Before the lockout craziness hit any sort of peak, before Carson Palmer held out to be traded from the Bengals, Steve Kaplowitz got a chance to talk with Carson's younger brother, and backup Jordan. They discussed both Palmer brothers' future with Cincinnati, the impending lockout and more!

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    Everyone Loves a Good Collision

    Steve is a huge baseball nut. He's in at least three different fantasy baseball leagues and is always on the phone talking trades. His knowledge of the game is Rain Man scary. So Steve decided to cobble together some of his favorite home plate collisions, and can tell you the details of what was going on in the game each one happened in.

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    Why LSU and Alabama Should Play in the BCS Championship

    Andy Lee takes out his BCS frustration and breaks down why these two teams should play again for the BCS Championship. He even tells you why practically EVERY OTHER team shouldn't play in the game.

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    C-USA and Mountain West Get Taken by the Big East

    Conference USA and the Mountain West had a great idea. How do we know it was a great idea? Well, because when they pitched it to the Big East, not only did THEY think it was great, they promptly STOLE the idea and then carved out pieces of the conferences that pitched the idea the THEM!

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    Cain Velasquez Talks MMA on SportsTalk

    Steve Kaplowitz and Mando Medina teamed up to try to take on Cain Velazquez for an interview. After getting beaten senseless, they learned more about MMA than either of them ever thought they'd learn, and more about the first Mexican/Hispanic to fight for the MMA title and actually win it.

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    Steve Kaplowitz Shares His C-USA Championship Photos

    Steve Kaplowitz is an aspiring photographer. He's been investing in his camera for several years now, and he's been taking pictures at all the events he can. He has a great outlet for his sports photography right here, and loves to share some great pics with us. Like these from the C-USA Championship at the Don Haskins Center.

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