In the 12th inning of last night's Giants-Marlins game, San Francisco star catcher Buster Posey seriously injured his left ankle in a collision with Florida's Scott Cousins. That play was not the first time a catcher trying to block home plate suffered a serious injury. Now, Posey's agent, Jeff Berry is asking baseball to change the rules regarding plays at the plate. The Posey collision reminds me of two other similar incidents over the years.   

The first took place in 1985 and involved Toronto's Buck Martinez. The most amazing thing about this footage is that Martinez managed to be involved in both ends of this remarkable double play!

The second and most famous was from the 1970 All Star Game in Cincinnati. Reds star Pete Rose collided with Indians catcher Ray Fosse. If you ask any baseball fan from that era, they will all agree that Fosse's career was never the same after that play with Rose. The video occurs at the 1:28 mark.

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