Because this year's 'game of the century' didn't have enough points to satisfy most fans (north of the Mason Dixon line and west of the Mississippi) there is tons of sentiment that under no circumstances should LSU and Alabama play again for the BCS National Championship game.

This would be a non issue if there were a playoff in college football, but we all know that's not happening anytime soon.

My feeling is that this reaction is some backlash to the national media hype given to this game.  For two weeks we were told by every sports media outlet that this game was indeed the 'game of the century' and you couldn't miss it.

I don't think people expected a 52-45 shootout like Oklahoma State and Kansas State played, but maybe a 27-24 thriller that featured a little bit of everything.  Instead they got a 9-6 overtime victory where all three quarterbacks played tighter than a muscle-t on a bodybuilder.

In this era of the spread offense, people aren't conditioned to seeing a game billed as the 'game of the century' feature no touchdowns.  I'd like to know any other college game played in the last 30 years that had that much NFL talent on the defensive side.  Both LSU and Alabama feature defenses with NFL caliber players at every position.

I've heard the argument that the regular season is the playoffs in college and therefore Alabama has been eliminated.

That's absurd.  The purpose of the BCS was to objectively find the two best teams at the end of the season and match them up in a game designated as the national championship game.  Whether that's always the case is debatable, but nowhere does it say if you lose a game in the regular season you can't play in the title game.

Heck, LSU won the 2007 title with two losses.  Any controversy about a two loss team being in the game was squashed when the Tigers manhandled Ohio State.

The reason LSU and Alabama should play again for the national championship is simple.  They are the two best teams in the country.  I know that argument is too vapid for most, but I haven't seen any other team play that could come within two touchdowns of Alabama and LSU.

I'll assume LSU runs the table and goes into the BCS title game undefeated.  I'll handicap the rest of the contenders.

Oklahoma State- Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon are among the best pass catch combinations in the country.  The Pokes control their own destiny, but they don't play enough defense to beat LSU.

Chances to beat LSU- 25%

Stanford- Andrew Luck is the best quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning, but Stanford doesn't have the all around athleticism and skill players to hang with the Tigers.

Chances to beat LSU- 20%

Boise State- There is something intriguing about the Broncos getting a shot at the Tigers.  They have established themselves as the best giant killers in the nation and didn't seem the least bit intimidated by Georgia.

Chances to beat LSU- 35%

Oklahoma- At full strength the Sooners seemed like the third best team in the country.  A high powered offense with some NFL talent gave Oklahoma a shot.  Unfortunately the Sooners lost Ryan Broyles for the year with a torn ACL.

Chances to beat LSU with Ryan Broyles- 50%

Chances to beat LSU without Ryan Broyles- 30%

Oregon- hahahhahahhahahah

Chances to beat LSU- 10%

Alabama- After only dropping to number three in the BCS, the Crimson Tide still have an outside chance to get back in the title game if they can get some breaks.

Chances to beat LSU- 100%