By Joey Esposito
Sports Reporter, Chapin Huskies

Intense can only begin to describe the feel of this Friday's volleyball game against El Paso High. The great rivalry continues another year as the Huskies go head to head with the Tigers in a heated game of skill.

Will Chapin come out on top in a fierce match against their rivals?

Players are confident they will.

"During the game, I will be making sure my passes and my defense are just right so that we can set up a good offense and take the game," said Varsity libero Victoria Castro.

The team is currently working and training hard to make sure they are ready for the big game ahead.

"On Wednesdays we have what we call 'Hell Wednesdays' and it's pretty much conditioning and we go over plays and get mentally prepared for the 3 out of 5 games on Friday, especially against El Paso High." Castro said.

Head coach Joe Morales hopes to see many fans come out and support the team as they hopefully continue their winning streak with yet another great victory.

"We're trying to be more consistent with our hitters, I hope to see a lot of energy and enthusiasm while on the court; when we play with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, the girls play a lot better," said Morales.

Although the game will be tough, the team is confident about a win.

"I think we have more individual talent and our girls are determined to defend our district championship. I think this team is a lot closer and united; they get along a lot better than other teams. They're one of the hardest working teams," Morales said.