For family and fans of El Paso High School Independent School District sports, the district has some bad news for you. You will no longer be allowed to go to any sports games, at least for the time being. District officials say that from Monday afternoon and for the foreseeable future, only “essential personnel” will be allowed at games and competitions.

If you're wondering if parents will be allowed to watch their football player make the winning touchdown, the answer is no. Do you love to watch your child spike the heck out of the volleyball? You won't be able to see it in person, same for tennis and cross country.

There is a glimmer of hope - district officials say that the moratorium on fans and family at sporting events might only last through October 17, but all middle-school sports are suspended through October 25.

El Paso County racked up the first and second highest numbers of positive cases this past weekend, and the sharp spike in positive cases is what caused EPISD officials to shut down people going to sporting events.

On Monday, El Paso County officials say we hit the highest number of current infections during the entire pandemic. The hospitalization rate is also on an upward trajectory and has hit the highest level since August. Because of the sharp uptick in cases, when El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego had the chance to reopen bars after Texas Governor Greg Abbott gave the green light to counties across the state, he decided against it.

This is a blow to families, but unless we see numbers fall, it's entirely possible that EPISD will continue the ban. Wear your masks, please.

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