Back in November, UTEP athletics and Adidas formally announced a five-year branding partnership as the exclusive apparel brand for the university. Now almost seven months later, UTEP athletics unveiled their new look with Adidas replacing Nike on apparel across all sports.

UTEP athletics released the uniforms today on Twitter with a teaser video:

Though the changes might seem slight at first, there is a fresh component to most jerseys featured in the video. For example, they changed the font on the chest and the stripes on the sleeve for the football jerseys while keeping the orange-navy blue-white color scheme almost the same as last year. I noticed the football cleats are multicolor and stand out nicely compared to the Nike cleats they had last year.

For the volleyball jerseys, the gradient color mix used on the white and navy blue sleeves makes for a pleasant touch. The incorporation of the "915" will stick with the Miner uniforms again as well.

My personal favorites are the UTEP soccer kits, which Adidas outdid itself in creating. The white jerseys feature an orange pattern at the top with navy blue numbers. The all-orange look is crisp and clean looking. Not to mention, the orange soccer cleats are a fresh look compared to the Nike cleats from last year.

As far as the fan base, there have been mixed responses from the Miner faithful since the announcement was made last year. Some fans are married to Nike as a brand and resisted this change leading up to this point. Others embraced Adidas out of the gate and are open-minded about this brand change. Either way, Adidas is officially here for the UTEP athletic department and this will mark the first iteration of their uniform launch with the Miners.


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