If you have never attended a football game at El Paso High's Jones Stadium, it is highly recommended.  Recently Max Preps, a premiere Internet source for high school sports, ranked Jones Stadium as one of the top 10 high school stadiums in the country to see before you die.

Jones stadium was built in 1916, and was the first stadium in the Unites States that was made from concrete.  Construction of the facility cost $500,000, and it hosted the first 3 Sun Bowls.  The stadium holds 12,000 people and has a spectacular view of downtown El Paso and Juarez.  It is without question the best view of the city that can be seen from any high school football stadium in El Paso.

Jones Stadium is a high school facility that has the look and feel of a collegiate or professional stadium.  The concrete stadium seating, magnificent view of El Paso's oldest school, and best view in town, make Jones Stadium the best place in the city to watch a high school football game.  The press box is old and doesn't even have air conditioning, but is still amazing never the less; the view makes up for the extreme heat of late August and September.

We are fortunate to have a jem like Jones Stadium in El Paso.  Make sure you get out this fall and see a game at one of the top 10 high school football stadiums in the country!