“They WANT you to think it’s ‘just a joke! That’s part of their evil agenda!”


This statement sums up the outrage that some members of the snowflake community are expressing over a 5-second scene in “The Santa Clauses”, streaming now on Disney Plus.

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Tim Allen returns in the limited series as Scott Calvin aka Santa Claus. It’s been almost thirty years since Scott took over for the previous Santa, who died after Scott startled him on his rooftop.

The scene in question involves a song and a written message that the elves, played by children, perform for Scott/Santa. Except, some of the letters are out of order.

You know what…here:

Funny, right?

Cute even.


Not so fast. According to thousands of fretful commenters, it’s actually a sinister plot by the devil-worshipping, adrenochrome-huffing cannibals at Disney.

Seriously. I think...

Actually, when things get this silly it’s hard to tell who’s being serious and who’s satirizing those folks.  This one is a real Poe’s Law situation.

But, I guess some of these outraged and breathless commenters are sincere in their outraged breathlessness. To the comments!


Humledwolf says, “They wouldn’t have done this accidentally or even as a joke. That was intentional. It would appear the Devil is slowly taking over the world.”

The High Caliber Man opines, “Disney Channel has been the master of subliminally programming kids. This is a perfect example.”

Ashley Jay is wise to “their” game: “They just aren’t hiding it anymore. It’s always been this way they’re just more blatant about it now”

This isn’t even a new joke, though. The Church Lady did it all the way back in 1988!

It’s hard to believe that so many people would get SO mad about two fictional characters that have names that are anagrams for each other.

But, good luck with your War on Christmas, snowflakes!

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