Dozens of men and women donned Santa garb on a blistery cold New York City weekend, jumped into sleighs (i.e. taxi cabs) and headed toward naughty places to drink, drank and drunk. Their holiday-spirited peers in San Francisco also did all of the above, except naked. All in the name of a world record. 

Santas showing their beards and mistletoe and Mrs. Clauses with hats (and no shame) gathered together shoulder-to-shoulder (and sometimes butt-to-butt) in an inspired Guinness World Record attempt to gather the largest group of naked Santas.

The revelry took place in San Fran’s Washington Square Park on Saturday as part of the annual SantaCon celebration. This year’s naked flash mob, however, was easily the show-stealer. Eager participants were urged to follow one strict rule: you can wear a Santa hat, but it must be on your head. Significant skin had to be shown for the effort to count, said Guinness.

Judging by the NSFW video, most were all too happy to disrobe for the record books. Others were just eying up naked people in public. Unlike attendees’ body parts, a final tally for the event has yet to be revealed.

Oddly enough, a church is visible just behind the cheery nude pack. What would Baby Jesus think? Oh right he is half naked too.

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