The Fluffy Guy teamed up with Jack in the Box and Postmates to get his own Combo meal like rapper Travis Scott. It's been less than a month since fast food giant McDonald's partnered with Cactus Jack for his Travis Scott meal and thanks to all the internet hype, it's been a massive success. Travis Scott took his favorite meal from the menu, customized it to his personal preferences and then launched the combo. Scott was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week and discussed his unusual order, which includes extra lettuce, BBQ sauce on the side, and bacon on his burger. Which makes sense and you can see him eating this meal in the back on his SUV on his way to or from a show. Not to mention the $6 price tag isn't bad. Now another fast food giant has launched a combo meal inspired by a celebrity but this time the meal has a lot more food.

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias is known as the Fluffy Guy, and as such, you know any combo meal with his name on is it is going to have all the good food included. Jack in the Box sent a present to the comedian of what they believe the perfect meal at Jack in the Box would be for Fluffy:

"As you've said, the best reason to drink Diet Coke is so you can eat what you tacos. And curly fries. And chicken nuggets. Aaannd mini churros. A llot of people have been asking us for a Fluffy Guy combo, and once we saw your version, we knew we had to get you one! "

Jack in the Box teamed up with Postmates to deliver the meal to Gabriel Iglesias who shared the note on his social media pages. At the end of the note they explained they also included two Sourdough Jack sandwiches they say he usually gets with his order. The Jack's Fluffy Combo includes:

  • 3 Tacos
  • 5 Chicken Nuggets
  • Curly Fries
  • Mini Churros
  • Medium Diet Coke

You can purchase this combo from Jack in the Box via the Postmates food delivery app. Follow Gabriel Iglesias on Facebook, Instagram, and his website.


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