When people ask what El Paso is like, most people can agree on a few things- the food is amazing, the people are friendly, and El Paso knows how to party. With the city growing so much, there are more and more bars and clubs popping up in new neighborhoods. But years ago, there were only a few nightlife spots open in El Paso. So if you want to go where you know you'd see all your friends and have a good time, you knew exactly where you were headed. Now, people tend to stay more on their side of town and it's a struggle to get everyone to decide on the same neighborhood, let alone the same bar.

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It makes us miss the simpler times in El Paso and the spots that have long ago closed their doors. When you were heading downtown, there were plenty of spots that always had long lines every weekend, with people waiting to get in. Local DJ Jason Craig recently put up this question asking people, which out of these four closed hot spots would you pick to bring back:

When I first moved to El Paso, Plum was the place to be on the weekend. From there, people would walk over to the Garden to spend more time dancing the night away. Across town, the Three-Legged Monkey was a spot where you knew you could go for a good time. There were plenty of headlines about that bar, and the neighbors around the location seemed to be always complaining about the party animals parking in front of their homes. El Luchador was the last one on the list that opened but people loved the food and the vibes of that spot. Out of all these locations, I'd love to see Plum make a comeback. We need a nightlife spot downtown again, where people can dress up and see some of their favorite DJs come to town.

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