El Paso Water Utilities crews uncover human remains in the El Paso Sunset Heights District while digging in the area to replace old water lines.  

The discovery of the human remains came after El Paso Water Utilities crews stumbled across them while digging to replace old water lines near Upson and Fewel St. 

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My family has owned a home in the Sunset Heights neighborhood for decades, and the find of human remains has me fully invested.  

My intrigue stems from my love for archeology, and honestly, if I had not followed a career in radio, I would have probably found myself at some dig site sifting through ancient dirt uncovering the past.  

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El Paso is steeped in rich history, and it’s no surprise that many people say that the city is haunted, including older neighborhoods such as the Sunset Heights District. 

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The finding of these human remains has also intrigued the staff at our neighborhood Circle K, located just a couple of blocks away from where the discovery was made. Even the staff wants to learn more about who this person was, thinking that maybe those are the remains of the ghost the lurks around the convenience store on occasion. 

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My imagination is running wild thinking of who and what else may lay beneath the surface of my neighborhood, which dates back to at least the 1890s. 

Growing up, our family and neighbors would always talk about how Sunset Heights was the site of many underground tunnels, buried treasure, and was haunted by the lost souls of Pancho Villa's men that stomped through the area during the Mexican Revolution.  

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It’s also not uncommon for human remains to be found where old cemeteries once existed, especially on the border between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. 

So what happens now? 

For now, El Paso Water Utilities crews have ceased digging, and Arcadis, an international company, will be stepping in to survey the area. An archeological team has also been called to excavate the site, with findings being reported to the Texas Historical Commission.  


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