For one day only, craft beer fans can help support their favorite local brewers during the Save El Paso Breweries Drive-By Event this Saturday, September 12, 2020.

The upcoming event has brought together local breweries who like many local businesses in El Paso and across the country have been struggling to keep their doors open to the public. With the ongoing pandemic, the local beer industry has taken a financial hit due to the restrictions that are in place right now. Currently, most Texas breweries are operating via beer-to-go but that may not be enough to keep their doors open.

This weekend beer lovers are invited to drink local and take part in the first-ever Save El Paso Breweries Drive-By Event. Local breweries such as Blazing Tree Brewery, DeadBeach Brewery, El Paso Brewing Company, Old Sheepdog Brewery, and even Aurellia’s Bottle Shop and Brewhouse will be collaborating and will also offer day-of specials.

Save El Paso Breweries Curbside Pick-up Specials:

DeadBeach Brewery

  • DeadBeach Brewery will be offering $9.15 off a new glass growler and will be hosting giveaways that will be raffled off throughout the day as patrons pick-up their orders.

Blazing Tree Brewery

  • Blazing Tree Brewery will be extending $15 growler fills on any beer of choice plus a free glass growler.

El Paso Brewing Co.

Old Sheepdog Brewery

Aurellia’s Bottle Shop and Brewhouse

As Texas brewers ban together to survive, the Save Texas Breweries Across the State movement was formed. The initiative aims to raise awareness of the current hurdles that local brewers are facing amidst the ongoing virus.

Since March, six breweries have already permanently closed in the state of Texas and sadly one in three Texas breweries will not survive the hardships of this pandemic.

Save El Paso Breweries will be hosted for one day only on Saturday, September 12, 2020, at each participating brewery.


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