The giant flag that has flown over Northeast El Paso for almost 20 years had to be taken down because its pole had been damaged by high winds.

You know how the wind can get around here, especially in Spring, and as it rolls down the eastern face of the mountains, it really picks up some speed.  With nothing to block that force, the pole that holds the American flag high above the Old Glory Memorial was starting to show some stress and had to be taken down.

The estimated total cost of replacing the pole and returning "Old Glory" to her spot, high above Northeast El Paso, across from the Franklin Mountains, is $150K. A gofundme account has been started to help raise that money on behalf of the El Paso Texas Chapter of Flags Across America. You can donate to the gofundme account or, to the EP Flags across America chapter directly by mail:

  • El Paso Texas Flags Across America (EPTFAA)
  • P.O. Box 640112
  • El Paso, Texas, 79904.

For more information call Tony Lewis at (915) 474-5161 or Delos “Al” Bates at (915) 373-1136. You can also email them at  or .

Our community is rich in military history, home to tens of thousands of active duty military and just about as many veterans. The Old Glory Memorial honors those who fought and/or fight for our freedoms. It is more than a memorial to them though. It is also a memorial to America herself and all who call themselves United States citizens ... Americans. With all due respect to our military and vets, it's a memorial for us ALL.
And things representing the collective, unified spirit of "all" are things we need now more than ever.

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