You may have noticed a chill in the air this morning, and local shelters are preparing for the upcoming winter weather and they need your help. It never fails, as soon as Halloween comes to a close, the temperature starts to significantly drop in the Borderland. So long to the 90-degree and upper 80s weather, bring on the 70s and sweater weather we love. As November continues, it'll start getting colder and people start pulling out their fuzzy sweaters and thick blankets to keep themselves warm as the weather turns chilly.

As you start finding ways to keep yourself and your house warm, don't forget all the animals in local shelters who need your help staying warm too. Local animal shelters are gearing up for the cold weather by asking the community for donations to keep their animals warm. Shelters are asking for donations of any new or used blankets, towels, or sheets for the animals to have in their kennels at night.  The only item they will not take are comforters since the dogs tend to rip them up and fluff ends up all over the cages. The blankets will give the animals something to cuddle with and keep them warm at night.

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Transitioning to life in a shelter can be hard for animals and having something that they can call their own can make it easier. Shelters can be a stressful and scary environment for animals and little comforts like a blanket can help calm these animals during a difficult time. While the blanket donations are urgently needed, the shelters are also taking other donations as well including:

  • dog and cat food
  • dog and cat treats
  • toys
  • puppy and kitten food

In El Paso and the Las Cruces area, there are plenty of animal shelters that are in need of donations. Here are just some of the great non-profit animal rescues you can go and donate to:

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