Our veterans put in the time and effort to protect our country and this time they need our help. Our local veterans are needing our assistance for a new pole as reported on KVIA ABC-7 news.

The flag pole is located in the Northeast at Old Glory Memorial.

The pole measured at 180-foot that held a 5,000 square foot flag for some time. Anyone who would be driving on US 54 Patriot Freeway would get a glimpse of the beautiful flag.

The pole was installed back in 2003 except, due to certain issues, it had to be removed.

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Since the removal, the veterans have been trying their hardest to have another new flag pole placed in the same spot where the old one was at. The funds that were raised totaled $26,000 but even then that amount still isn't enough. The new installment costs $105,000, which means they're still $79,000 short.

This is where any kind of donation from you can go a long way. El Paso's Chapter of Flags Across America's president Tony Lewis is asking for any kind of donation you can afford to give.

Hell, even if it is just a dollar, any amount will help the veterans get one step closer to their goal.

If you've never been out there before, there are red bricks that have the names of veterans who served our country. Now to think there is no longer a flag high above those vital names is heartbreaking.

There are a couple of ways you can donate to help get the veterans their flag pole back. You can either donate by mailing your payment or submitting your donation online by clicking here. Let's help out our veterans and city by getting the flag pole back up in the Northeast.

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