Not all good deeds you do go unseen especially while you get that good deed done at Harley Davidson. That time of the year is almost here for El Pasoans to help out others in the community. Every year Harley Davidson helps host the El Paso Association of Radio Stations Stuff the Truck event.

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The purpose of Stuff the Truck is to help out the Salvation Army collect as many donations as possible. We all have gone through those cleaning spurts of getting rid of household items we no longer use or need.

Some of those items vary from furniture, unused appliances, and gently used clothing items. So if you would like to donate your unused items to a good cause, this should be it.

The El Paso Association of Radio Stations always enjoys helping out the Salvation Army when they can. Not sure about you but it sure does feel good knowing when you do your part to help others out.

Next Saturday, November 13, is when you can help stuff the Salvation Army truck up which will earn you a free turkey. The first 300 qualified donors who drop off their donations will receive a free holiday turkey.

If you have donated before then you remember how it works from the past annual events. But should you need any more helpful information, you can visit for those details. I hope you can help out and donate your unused items to Salvation Army by helping stuff the Salvation Army truck.

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