Dame La Mano Crisis Center wants to help give their kids a Halloween to remember. But in order to help give the kids a Halloween to remember they need our help.

In case you didn't know Dame La Mano Crisis Center is a homeless shelter for pregnant women in El Paso. Last month they posted on Facebook asking for your helpful donations that you have sitting in a storage bin.

The particular donations they're in need of are some Halloween costumes for children. Non-profit organizations try their best to provide as much as they can to people in need. As it is the funds they do receive they use on food and other essential items.

Which is why they're asking for your old Halloween costumes you don't need anymore to donate to their children. Even though trick-or-treating has been canceled they would still like the children to dress up on Halloween night.

So if your children have outgrown their old costumes Dame La Mano Crisis Center would like you to drop them off with them.

Dame La Mano Crisis Center needs a variety of sizes for their children. The girls wear a size 8, 12 while the boys range from size 6, 8, and 12. They also have newborns, a 7-month-old baby, and 5 toddlers that wear sizes 3T and 4T.

If you also have Halloween costumes for teens they're accepting them as well. They have had a few Halloween costumes donated already but not enough to dress most of the kids that live there. Your donations can help the crisis center and the mothers give their kids a happy Halloween this year. They will accept used or brand new costumes for the children.

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