Addiction to Netflix is seriously becoming a problem for some people. A perfect example is Ex-NBA Star Gilbert Arenas as he records his reaction to not being about to remember his Netflix password. Unfortunate, he takes his frustration out on his girlfriend Laura Govan's beautiful Mercedes.

On Wednesday, Arenas posted a crazy video of him smashing his girlfriend's Mercedes with a cinder block. You would think this would be an act of revenge for Govan cheating or even breaking up, but it's all about Netflix.

According to DailyWhat, this video was recorded back in 2014 but was just recently posted on Arenas' Instagram. Govan says Arenas was on a rampage breaking all of the house windows and even threw the computer into the pool. After he did all this, he realized his Netflix password was autosaved on that computer and he couldn't remember it. He captioned the video of his rampage with "u take a person #Netflix away, nothing else matters."

Someone really has an addiction to streaming.  Even though Arenas claims to own the Mercedes he smashed, they were Govan's to drive. The original video has since been deleted, but thanks to TMZ the video continues to circulate around the internet.