This weekend, I was shocked to see so many beetles all over El Paso and I wasn't the only one. Here's what they are and how to get rid of them.

El Paso had some seriously beautiful weather that El Pasoans were out in full force enjoying this past weekend. There was a little bit of rain, which allowed for some cooler weather and people were outdoors enjoying the last few weeks of summer, myself included. But while I was going to the movies and heading to a UTEP game, I noticed some scurrying creatures all over the place.

While outside the movie theater, I noticed a few dark beetles running across the ground. Not too many but I also didn't spend too much outside just when I was walking to and from my car. But since I was tailgating and at an outdoor football game, I noticed a whole lot more on the UTEP campus.

From the seats to the stairs and even inside the bathrooms, there were these huge black beetles everywhere. While I don't mind seeing a bug or two, these beetles have absolutely no fear and would scurry their way right next to you. There were several times I jumped in shock and moved to a different seat.

These beetles are called darkling beetles but more specifically desert stink beetles. They are harmless but will secrete a foul odor when threatened. To get rid of them, remove cluttered and filthy areas where they may hide. Also, clean up any animal droppings and debris. For more information on how to control and prevent desert stink beetle infestations please visit the Solution Stores website.

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