Tomorrow, the El Paso city council will vote on a proposal to approve a $50 million dollar commitment to building a new downtown baseball park.

Earlier, Steve Kaplowitz analyzed how he thinks the voting will go.  District 6 representative Eddie Holguin is one of the two city reps. expected to vote against the proposal. (the other is Carl Robinson)

Eddie is not necessarily against the building of a new ballpark, he just has a lot of questions when it comes to demolishing and rebuilding city hall.  Principally, Holguin wants to know how much it will cost to build a new city hall, and how it will get paid for.

Holguin also thinks something as important as allocating funds to build a ballpark and rebuild a city hall should be put to a public vote.

According to Holguin:

Absolutely, I believe the people who have to pay for it should have a say in it.

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