The foundation for the front porch of the multi million dollar Triple A downtown ballpark marks the beginning of what will be quite a welcoming site for El Pasoans.  

The front porch will be the eastern entrance to the ballpark that will allow thousands of fans to enter the brand new facility next April.  The porch will have numerous ticket booths and an adjacent plaza that will be built above the existing railroad tracks.  People attending the games will be able to enter the ballpark from the Santa Fe street side.

Having the entrance is this location is vitally important because it will create an easy route from the ballpark to other downtown amenities.  It is estimated that 4,000 surface and structured parking spaces will be within a convenient five minute walk of the stadium.  Many of these parking areas will be south and east of the ballpark.

Individuals who ride the bus to ballgames will be happy to know that a station will be constructed nearby Franklin Avenue which will serve Sun Metro's new Brio rapid transit system.  A great deal of thought and strategy was placed to having the eastern entrance's location because it will allow people to easily get from their parking spaces and the bus to the stadium.