By Tyler Raines, Chapin Chronicle

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Anxious for another successful win for football, Chapin Huskies look forward to this week’s match up against the eagles of Andress High School at 7 p.m on Friday night. Last year’s game ended in a Chapin loss, 19-21.

Over the past two years the Andress-Chapin game has determined 1-4A district champion. Chapin leads the series 5-2. As a result, this matchup has grown into a bit of a rivalry. This year each team is starting something new as both teams will be meeting each other in the first district game of the season.

Having the possible district championship first might confuse some high school football fans but to the coaches it makes logical sense to have the Andress-Chapin game first.

“Since the Chapin-Andress game is such an intense game, It’s hard for the team that loses to pick itself up in a week to prepare for the playoffs,” Head Coach Rene Hernandez said.

The team as a whole is having a normal practice schedule this week and have not changed anything up so far.

“I’ve been playing football for Chapin for 4 years; we haven’t switched anything up in practice for Andress,” said lineman Christian Ortiz.

Football coaches also have their own major areas where they want to focus their players this week.

“Going into the season we are a young team. As a coach we want the kids to believe they can compete with any team,” Hernandez said.

Some players don’t think that it is good idea to play Andress first for they believe a loss could hurt the rest of the season.

“I would rather play Andress as the last district because it builds the intensity,” Chapin d-lineman Geoffery Dewees said.

Focusing shouldn’t be an area to worry about because the players know what they have to do.

“It’s not [difficult] with the Andress game being first. It’s more of a benefit. We like to get a routine early and once we’re in the routine, the early games are not hard to focus on,” Hernandez said.

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