We can all relate with this dude who created the best TikTok video that represents El Paso. This TikTok creation may only be 26 seconds long but it sure does represent 915 perfectly. Not only does the TikTok video represent El Paso but it will also take you way back to the good old days. It may also sting a bit since some of those places don't exist anymore. The TikTok user's daughter was curious about what her dad did in El Paso while growing up. Her dad sure did have a lot of stories to share with her about the places he posted about on his TikTok video. When you begin watching Clary_Og's TikTok video you will also remember doing the same things he did and visiting the exact places. Although some children now won't know about some of the places featured in the TikTok video. Some of those places kids now will never know that are featured are Roller King, The Diablos, Putt Putt Golf, and Magic Landing.

While I watched his video I couldn't help but flashback to the good old days when I visited some of those places. Kids now won't ever know the difference between the El Paso Diablos baseball games at Cohen Stadium to the El Paso Chihuahuas at Southwest University Park. Plus, kids won't ever know the excitement for 25 cent hotdogs at Cohen Stadium. Plus Putt Putt is another place I fondly remember visiting with my cousins enjoying a round of golf. But you will have a blast from the past watching his TikTok creation of some old and current El Paso memories.

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