Welcome to another edition of Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman Brandon Cohn.

The Iceman would like to extend his sincerest condolences to the families in Connecticut who lost loved ones in the tragic shooting that occurred on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Today's show includes a discussion about UTEP's new football coach, Sean Kugler.

We also talk about the possibility of the NFL eliminating kickoffs in the future to ensure players' safety.

Who is the best team in the AFC and the NFC?  The Dallas Cowboys dealing with the loss of practice squad member Jerry Brown, and more is discussed as well on today's show.

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"A choice that is fit for El Paso, Sean Kugler is going to always be interesting, he is a great story teller, he is going to be really fun to be around.  I think that people who have supported this program in the past are now rejuvenated, they will get behind the program.  They do need to step it up if they want to be a Boise State, or be that kind of a school that might want to make a BCS run."