Jason Garrett Should be Fired Immediately
Dallas Cowboys' coach Jason Garrett has always been one of those guys who just seems like a great person that would be ideal to hang out with and watch a game while downing a few beers.  My memories of him are that of a descent career backup quarterback, a good assistant coach, but overall…
Nike’s Deal with Kaepernick is Brilliant
Nike announced on Monday that former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be the center of their latest ad campaign that will honor the 30th anniversary of their "Just Do It" slogan, a decision that has ignited both controversy and disbelief.
NFL’s New Helmet Contact Rule is a Necessary Evil
Perhaps frustration is the perfect word to describe the feelings of players, coaches and fans of our most popular sport since the preseason began a few weeks ago as a whopping 51 use of helmet penalties have been called on players as of Monday night's game between the Ravens and Colts...
Dez Bryant Belongs in Cleveland
Former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant arrived in Cleveland on Thursday to meet with the Browns, and quite frankly at this point, he needs to sign with them immediately.  Following a sub-par season for the Cowboys, Bryant was released this past April after spending his entire eight year career…

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