NFL fans point to this moment as the worst ever in the history of the Detroit Lions franchise.

This is a franchise, mind you, that suffered a humiliating winless season and a humiliating post season winless streak.

But it's this moment during a regular season game in 2015 NFL fans point to as the most humiliating in the history of Lions Football. It's a play that's come down in NFL lore as the Miracle In Motown.

It's a touchdown trown on the final play of the game from 61 yards away by Aaron Rodgers, then quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. The Lions were clinging to a 2 point lead after giving away a 20-0 lead earlier in the game.

The Lions has seemingly stopped the Packers on the last play of the 4th quarter but were called for a defensive penalty giving Green Bay a single un-timed down.

It was on that play Rodgers pulled out the Miracle.

The 2015 Lions are not like the Lions of today. There weren't many games outside of Thanksgiving where the team got a national audience. But this game of a Thursday nighter in early December and a win would have kept playoff hopes alive for Detroit.

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Here's what the Miracle in Motown looked like:

Commentors on YouTube remarked:

The Detroit Lions franchise in one play.

This is the play that made Megatron retire.

Although as a Proud Lions fan I'm used to this, I must admit. This one stung.

If only those 2015 Lions fans knew what was coming under the Dan Campbell era.

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