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Taiwanese Animation: Tim Tebow Joins The New England Patriots [Video]
The sports world is still buzzing from the news that Tim Tebow has signed to play with the New England Patriots.  Every NFL expert said that Tebow's NFL career was over, but I guess the Patriots proved them wrong.
With news this big, you just knew that those crazy Taiwanese animators would …
Tim Tebow To Sign With New England Patriots
So much for the CFL. According to ESPN's Ed Werder, the New England Patriots tomorrow will sign free agent Tim Tebow as a quarterback. He is expected to report tomorrow to the team's mandated minicamp as a signal caller. The move will reunite Tebow with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels,…
Did Tim Tebow Lose His Last Shot to be an NFL Starter?
This time last year, Tim Tebow was the talk of the NFL. He led the Broncos to an improbable AFC West title and an even more improbable Wild Card win over the Steelers. A humbling loss to the Patriots in the Divisional round began Tebow's quick descent into football irrelevance.
Sports Spin’s 32 Teams in 32 Days: New York Jets
It's safe to say that no team has moved the needle the past few seasons like the New York Jets. Rex Ryan 'took' New York City like a tour de force, and has left fans and the media in his wake every step of the way. Whether it's his bold predictions or in your face style, the me…
Tim Tebow to Lead the Next ‘Great Awakening?’ [OPINION]
In the United States' short history there have been three 'great awakenings' or religious revivals.  They generally occur at a time when individuals question religion's place in society.
Awakenings are Christian movements that de-emphasize doctrine and ritual and place more o…

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