Monster’s 2013 NFL Predictions
Thankfully, football is finally here! From now until the Super Bowl in February, I will try to watch as much NFL football that I can.  With that being said, here is how I think the NFL season is going to turn out.
Division Winners:
East: NY Giants
North: Green Bay Packers
South: Atlanta Falcons
Dallas Cowboys 2013 Football Schedule
With football season around the corner, here is the regular season schedule for the Dallas Cowboys.  Don't forget that we are the official station for the Cowboys which means that you can listen to every single game on 600 AM ESPN El Paso.
Crazy! A Foul Ball Lands In A Cup Holder [Video]
Here's a million-to-one shot.  Some guy hit a foul ball the other day in a minor league baseball game, and it landed right in a cup holder that was by itself on a railing.  You can imagine, with the size of a baseball it had to be pretty much a perfect swish...

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