Crazy! A Foul Ball Lands In A Cup Holder [Video]
Here's a million-to-one shot.  Some guy hit a foul ball the other day in a minor league baseball game, and it landed right in a cup holder that was by itself on a railing.  You can imagine, with the size of a baseball it had to be pretty much a perfect swish...
Chris Weidman KO’s Anderson Silva At UFC 162 [Video/Audio]
After talking to Josh Gross on Saturday on Crunchtime about the Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman UFC 162 title fight, we both thought that Silva would win the fight because he's the best fighter in the UFC.
What we couldn't predict is that Anderson Silva would take Chris Weidman lightly and wou…
Dwight Howard Leaves Lakers, Joins The Rockets [Photo]
The Dwight Howard sweepstakes finally has come to an end as the 7 time NBA All Star posted a picture of himself on Twitter wearing a red Houston Rockets jersey.
Howard's deal is worth $88 million over the next four years. Dwight would have made about $30 million if he would have stayed with the …
NFL Training Camp Report Dates
Even though we are in the middle of the dog days of summer, there is hope, NFL training camps start in a couple of weeks.
In case you're wondering when your team starts training camp, here's the complete list of the reporting dates for training camps to begin in the NFL:
Crazy Naked Guy Streaks American Ninja Warrior Course [Video]
Now that the basketball and hockey seasons have ended, we have entered the dog days of summer, in which all we have is baseball until the football season gets underway.
Well if your like me, you're trying to keep yourself entertained by watching any type of athletic event on t...

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