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Brett Favre Is Returning to Football… High School Football
For the first time in a few years, Brett Favre’s next career move hasn’t been one of the big subplots of the NFL off-season. But that doesn’t mean the 42-year-old is taking it easy. In fact, Favre has just snagged himself a new job in football, as an assistant coach at Oak Grove Hi…
Brett Favre’s Inauspicious Television Debut
For years everyone speculated Brett Favre would make the seamless transition from the field to the broadcast booth.  People also assumed he would be a natural because he was long winded in his post game press conferences.  Sure he was long winded, but he was also boring and monotone.
Why Can’t the Media Leave Brett Favre Alone?
Since the NFL season will be signed, sealed, and delivered in a few hours, all the of the talk will focus around training camps, free agency, and trades. That means the annual Brett Favre coming out of retirement rumors are under way.
Nearly three years ago Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson and team president Mark Murphy faced a tough decision.
Brett Favre Career Gallery
Whether you're a Packers fan or not, hated the retirement drama, disliked him as a person, have to respect the Iron Man and all that he did throughout his career.