bobby knight

Bobby Knight Falls Asleep on National Television
Sports pregame shows have kind of become a necessary evil.  They are mostly mundane and tedious, with the talking heads repeating themselves and talking over each other.  Bobby Knight took a different approach to the pregame show.  He was so disinterested by Len Elmore's breakdow…
A Knight in Lubbock No More
I guess it should not come as too much of a surprise that Pat Knight was fired as head coach of Texas Tech this morning. A record of 13-18 and 5-11 in the Big 12 will not cut it in Lubbock or at most other big conferences.
Stripper Coach
Bobby Knight liked chairs, Billy Martin loved dirt, and Woody Hayes just enjoyed hitting people. Each coach had a different method to get their point across.
Bobby Being Bobby!
In honor of Purdue and Indiana doing battle tonight, here is one of the most memorable moments in the long history of the rivalry.  Enjoy!!!!