The 2011 Philadelphia Eagles became the Miami Heat of the NFL when backup quarterback Vince Young dubbed them the 'dream team' before the season even started.  The team resembled Michael Keaton's dream team far more than the 1992 U.S. men's basketball team that VY was alluding to.

All jokes aside, the Eagles overcame a horrendous start and were quietly one of the hottest teams in the NFL in December.  I think the 2012 Eagles will resemble the team that ended 2011 and not the team that began 2011.

Obviously, Michael Vick's durability is a key question in Philadelphia.  He isn't as big as most of his peers, and he still takes a beating.  He has become a much better pocket passer under Andy Reid, but he is still not immune to the occasional big hit.

DeSean Jackson finally got the contract he was looking for, and the team has a top five running back in LeSean 'shady' McCoy.  We know this team will score points, but will they be up to the challenge when they face the more physical teams in the league?

That is the question we posed to Jon Marks from 97.5 the fanatic in Philadelphia.  Marks is ready for the season to start, and is curious to see how the Eagles will handle the league's most physical teams.

Marks also judged my imitation of Philadelphia broadcasting legend, Harry Kalas.

And remember, it's not crazy, it's sports!!!